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There is an area of ​​Italy that in the first days of March is dressed in a pure white. It is the white of the flowers of the Apulian almond, a white that fills the heart and eyes.

The flowers of the Apulian almond are very delicate and refined, elegant and at the same time fragile.
In this article we will discover all the secrets of the flowering of the Apulian almond, a miracle of beauty and uniqueness.

The flowering of the Apulian almond: a hermaphrodite flower

The flower of the Apulian almond is generally of a pure white color.

Sometimes white is combined with delicate shades of pink, always very delicate and clear.
The flower of the Apulian almond is a hermaphrodite flower: the bud has both the male stamens and the female pistils; it is a flower that has no sex so the plant that produces it does not have male and female specimens.

The diameter of this flower never exceeds 4-5 cm, the petals are 5 and then there are the stamens which can also be 40 or 50.

When does the Apulian almond blossom bloom?

The period in which the Apulian almond blossoms sprout varies from year to year and is strongly influenced by the climate.
Their spectacular flowering generally heralds the coming spring.

In the sunniest regions, where temperatures quickly become mild, the first flowers of the Apulian almond bloom as early as the end of February.

Often the flowers bloom before the leaves appear, other times they appear together.

The wonderful work of bees and other insects gives life to that phenomenon that allows you to continue tasting the fruits of this tree every year: pollination.

For this reason, very often in almond groves it is advisable to place many hives in the flowering period.

The flowering of the Apulian almond: cultivation

How long have almond trees been grown in the Apulian territory?

The origin of the almond tree makes us think of central-western Asia and China, where cultivations of this precious tree are mentioned since ancient times.

It was the Phoenicians who introduced this plant and almond blossoms in Sicily and Puglia as well as in other areas of the Mediterranean.

In Agrigento in February, the almond tree festival is celebrated every year.

Also in Puglia it was the Phoenicians who gave us the immense gift of almond cultivation, which has now become one of the flagships among the typical Apulian products.

One thing is certain, since the Apulian almond blossom began to peep out on our land, we would not do without it anymore.
Every year we await them as the greatest symbol of the coming spring, bearers of hope and joy, guardians of endless beauty.


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