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The Apulian almond is one of the richest seeds in organoleptic properties produced on the Italian territory.

There are a lot of benefits in the consumption of 10 Apulian almonds a day.

Sometimes, however, to enhance these properties, it is necessary mix Apulian almond with other healthy plant foods, such as cucumber and turmeric.

You can find turmeric and cucumbers in two of Fattoria della Mandorla's best-selling products: the Turmeric Mandonese and the Tzatziki Cucumber Cream.

What about finding out why you should buy them now?

Continue reading the article.

Apulian almond and turmeric: 10 good reasons to eat turmeric

Curcuma longa is a herbaceous, perennial plant, native to Southeast Asia and widely used as a spice especially in Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai and other Asian areas.

In is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, has a purifying, choleretic and cholagogue action, useful for the liver and gallbladder.

Let's find out 10 good reasons to eat it, perhaps associating it with the Apulian almond.

1. keeps cold and flu away;

2. soothes muscle and joint pain;

3. relieves depression;

4. improves digestion;

5. reduces anxiety;

6. promotes cardiovascular health;

7. reduces stress;

8. improves digestion;

9. reduces the risk of cancer;

10. our Mandonese not only contains turmeric, but is also based on Apulian almonds like all the products of Fattoria della Mandorla.

Apulian almond and cucumber: the beneficial goodness of Tzatziki

Cucumber is a vegetable belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, native to eastern and southern Asia.

Although available all year round, cucumber is the summer vegetable par excellence.

Particularly refreshing, it is eaten raw ... or cooked, like courgette.

Recommended in every diet, associated with the Apulian almond, it becomes a real ally for health, at least for the 10 reasons below:

1. cucumber helps to lose weight thanks to tartaric acid;

2. counteracts hypertension as it is rich in potassium;

3. prevents stones and protects the kidneys;

4. fights water retention and cellulite;

5. thanks to the silicon, it counteracts joint pain;

6. it is useful against halitosis and infections of the oral cavity;

7. it is useful in case of gout;

8. has a purifying and moisturizing function;

9. reduces cholesterol and blood pressure;

10. our Tzatziki not only contains cucumber, but is also based on Apulian almonds like all our products.

So, have we convinced you to consume turmeric, cucumber and Apulian almond?

You can buy Mandonese and Tzatziki on offer throughout the month of April.

It's nice to learn to take care of yourself, without sacrificing taste, of course!

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