Stuffed zucchini and Mandorella

Ingredients 4 medium-sized zucchini 4 medium-sized potatoes 1 Mandorella Extra-virgin olive oil Capers to taste Pepper Clean the zucchini and cut them in a half, then hollow them out with a spoon. Boil the zucchini in hot and slightly salted water for 5 minutes. Cook, peel and mash the potatoes with a potato masher, add […]

Mandorella Trifle with grain and Goji berries

A trifle is a typical English dessert. It is made up of layers of vanilla cream, fresh or dried fruit, biscuits or sponge-cake. The trifle can be served at the end of a meal or as a healthy and delicious snack. It can be prepared far in advance and can be eaten at any time. […]

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Using only herbal ingredients you can make a tasty, healthy and sensationally delicious pie. Ingredients for the short crust pastry: 100g potato starch 200g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 100g raw brown sugar A teaspoon apiece of cream of tartar A spoonful of untreated grated lemon peel A large spoonful of Burrella A pinch of Bourbon […]

Brown rice with vegan Mandorella aurora sauce

Ingredients 500g brown rice 1l organic tomato sauce 1 Mandorella Extra-virgin olive oil Salt qs Cook the brown rice in salted water. In the meantime, cook the tomato sauce and at the end of the cooking add Mandorella, then blend them in order to obtain a homogeneous pink sauce. Drain the rice and mix it […]

Plum cake with chocolate, orange and Mandorella

Mandorella al Naturale is great for bakery products and is the perfect substitute for butter and margarine, giving a unique taste and an irresistible softness. Ingredients: 100g potato starch or brown rice flour 250g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 130g raw brown sugar 200g lactose-free dark chocolate A bag and a half of cream of tartar […]

Misticanza salad with Mandorella

  250g vegetables (lettuce, endive, purslane, valerian, watercress, rocket, wild herbs) 1 Mandorella Extra-virgin olive oil Toasted sesame seeds Tahini to taste Season the vegetables with oil and toasted sesame seeds. Mix and carefully add Mandorella cubes, then add drops of Tahini to taste.

Mandorella with jam

Ingredients 1 Mandorella Cherry or Fig jam Chopped toasted almonds A delicious dessert you can eat at the end of a meal or as a snack. Place a quarter of Mandorella and a spoonful of jam on a plate and sprinkle with chopped toasted almonds.

Mafalde “alla siciliana” with Fondella Verace

A quick and easy recipe to make a delicious Mediterranean first course. The tastiness of the dish is enhanced by our almonds and sun-dried tomatoes. Ingredients for 2 people: 160g durum wheat Mafalde pasta 1 Fondella Verace® Extra-virgin olive oil, fresh or dried oregano Boil the Mafalde pasta in salted water and cook until al […]

Bow-tie pasta with Fondella Herbs cream

A quick and easy recipe to make a delicious first course, with Genovese pesto and a delicate and enveloping almond-based cheese cream. Ingredients for 2 people: 180g durum wheat bow-tie pasta 1 Fondella Herbs® 1 untreated lemon A handful of ground basil Extra-virgin olive oil Boil the bow-tie pasta in salted water and cook until […]

Coffee Muffins

Delicious coffee muffins covered with plant butter cream. This vanilla-scented dessert does not contain eggs or lactose and is almond butter-based. Ingredients for about 14 muffins: 150g potato starch 300g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 180g raw brown sugar + 3 spoonfuls (of sugar) for the plant milk A bag of cream of tartar A pinch […]