Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Using only herbal ingredients you can make a tasty, healthy and sensationally delicious pie. Ingredients for the short crust pastry: 100g potato starch 200g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 100g raw brown sugar A teaspoon apiece of cream of tartar A spoonful of untreated grated lemon peel A large spoonful of Burrella A pinch of Bourbon […]

Coffee Muffins

Delicious coffee muffins covered with plant butter cream. This vanilla-scented dessert does not contain eggs or lactose and is almond butter-based. Ingredients for about 14 muffins: 150g potato starch 300g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 180g raw brown sugar + 3 spoonfuls (of sugar) for the plant milk A bag of cream of tartar A pinch […]

Savory buffet croissants with Burrella®

Butter and almond milk-based savory croissants. They’re soft, lightly spiced and perfect to be stuffed. Ingredients for about 12-14 medium-sized croissants: 150g spelt wheat 400g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 7g dry brewer’s yeast A pot of room-temperature unsweetened non-dairy yogurt A teaspoon of raw sugar or malt 200ml lukewarm almond milk (prepared by diluting 16g […]