Buckwheat and Mandorella Graham crackers

Ingredients 6 buckwheat Graham crackers 1 Mandorella 6 cherry tomatoes Oregano Organic extra-virgin olive oil Lightly heat up the crackers in a pan, then spread Mandorella on them and add sliced tomatoes. Complete by drizzling olive oil and by seasoning with some oregano. Serve as a starter or as a snack.

Savory buffet croissants with Burrella®

Butter and almond milk-based savory croissants. They’re soft, lightly spiced and perfect to be stuffed. Ingredients for about 12-14 medium-sized croissants: 150g spelt wheat 400g organic stone-ground whole-wheat flour 7g dry brewer’s yeast A pot of room-temperature unsweetened non-dairy yogurt A teaspoon of raw sugar or malt 200ml lukewarm almond milk (prepared by diluting 16g […]

Crispy Mandorella nuggets with sweet paprika

A simple and tasty gluten-free appetizer made with Toritto almonds and covered with crispy golden-brown breading. Ingredients for 4 people: 2 “Al Naturale” or Chilli or Thyme Mandorelle 200g organic corn flour A teaspoon of garlic powder A spoonful of dehydrated onion A teaspoon of sweet paprika 100g brown rice flour 200ml very cold sparkling […]

Spelt cookies with turmeric

These light and crumbly cookies with lemon and turmeric are just perfect for breakfast. Ingredients: 250g spelt flour 100g potato starch 130g brown sugar 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder A pinch of Bourbon vanilla powder 1 untreated lemon Half a teaspoon of cream of tartar 125g Burrella® 100ml cold water Fill a bowl with flour, […]

Biancomangiare – Almond Blancmange

A simple and delicious traditional almond milk-based dessert. Ingredients: 40g Mandolat® soluble mixture 500ml water 1 untreated lemon A pinch of cinnamon/li> A pinch of Bourbon vanilla powder Rice syrup qs 4g Agar Dilute the agar and the soluble mixture with a whisk in a saucepan, add the grated lemon peel and the vanilla powder […]

Almond milk white sauce

Here is a recipe to make a light white sauce. The creamy texture makes its taste unique. Ingredients: 40g Mandolat® soluble mixture 500ml water 50g potato starch A pinch of unrefined salt 2 spoonfuls of extra-virgin olive oil A pinch of nutmeg A spoonful of flaked yeast Mix the Mandolat soluble mixture, the potato starch […]

Grated asparagus with hazelnuts and Fondella Nature

Baked in a terrine this specialty is the perfect combination of asparagus, almonds and hazelnuts, with a delicate flavor and a compelling creaminess. Ingredients for two people: 1 bunch of asparagus 1 leek Extra-virgin olive oil, unrefined salt, pepper, nutmeg 2-3 bay leaves 1 Fondella nature® A handful of hazelnuts 80g stale whole-wheat bread 2 […]