QuaSani Community

QuaSani Community

The name comes from the old village of Quasano, a Toritto(BA) suburb but it is an acronym as well. “QUA” stands for “quality of life” and SANI stands for “Salubrity Alimentation Nature Independence”.

A physical place and a centre where individual and collective wellbeing is established on the development and promotion of a conscious nutrition, environmental and economic sustainability respecting and adding value to the local territory, the National Alta Murgia Park.

Quasani Community is synergic, sustainable and responsible network that works for the promotion of ethical and natural life.

Quasani Community




In 1990 the desire to create a project that would contribute to the collective wellbeing based on respect for Nature starts to become reality. Today in Quasano are 20.000 autochthonous almond trees grown according the organic agriculture principles. They allow us to offer the Almond and its derived products as protein-based foodstuffs for people’s health and wellbeing.

The first name of the company, “Erbario Isabella d’Italia” (Herbarium Isabella of Italy “herbarium” as the collection of officinal products, “Isabella” from the proper name, and “of Italy” from the basket of Italian traditional products, creates the brand “Fattoria della Mandorla” (The Almond Farm).

In 2014 “Fattoria della Mandorla” and “Erbario Isabella d’Italia” join together in creating “Quasani Azienda Agricola”.


The short distribution chain

Fattoria della Mandorla is a “full cycle” food farming company that grows and transforms the Toritto Almond and produces typical, healthy and organic products. The company is set in the National Park of Alta Murgia and is managed by the husband and wife Gerardo Latrofa and Isabella Devito. They have been respecting the family agricultural tradition for four generations. “Fattoria della Mandorla” has a well-equipped laboratory for the production of ICEA and Vegan OK certified, high quality, healthy, organic, innovative foodstuffs.




Research & development

Our desire to educate people to a more conscious nutrition as a form of primary prevention pushed us into doing more research and innovations that are essential to the process and to develop and offer organic, healthy foodstuffs with a high nutritional value, based on scientific literature and primary prevention guidelines.


Environmental sustainability

The choice of producing organic and vegetable foodstuffs in short supply chain is in line with the values of environmental sustainability. In fact, CO2 emissions are reduced thanks to the considerable decreasing number of traditional ways of freight transport.

Furthermore, among the objectives there is the production of sustainable energy: photovoltaic, thermal solar panels and biomass from agricultural wastes (e.g almond shells and almond trees pruning) and the creation of a pond with a phyto-purification system and rainwater recovery.



Innovative products

More than a decade of research and development in our company’s laboratory has allowed us to create an innovative line of products placed on the market since 2015, such as vegetable oil and almond milk foodstuffs, first vegetable kinds almond cheese that maintain the nutritional and functional principles of the seed from which they are derived. These products do not contain lactose and animal milk, hydrogenated fats, GMOs, cholesterol and gluten.

Such products have all the characteristics that give the keys to success. In fact, they can satisfy the growing need of high quality, healthy and genuine foodstuffs and represent the alternative to traditional vegetable cheese already on the market.


Shared economy

A central aspect of QuaSani is the coproduction, based on the direct participation of the individuals to social and economic life. We are looking to enhance human resources value and develop the network concept thanks to the synergy of people and activities. By participating to the distribution chain the end user has got all the information on the final product.

This process encourages a more responsible way of working since the buyer actively acts for his own livelihood and wellbeing, reducing external dependence.

Social integration is encouraged by participating to an active synergic network.

Inside the network the role of the G.A.S. (fair trade buying groups or C.S.A.) from the whole territory especially in relation to the Shared Economy will be crucial. The collaborations with G.A.S can extend to different levels:

  • Possibility to commission a variety of products by creating a dedicated catalogue
  • Possibility to invest in the project by being part of the productive cycle; QuaSani will be able to participate to the associative form G.A.S
  • Share functional investments for the improvement of products quality
  • G.A.S may benefit from synergies on a national level that will be promoted by QuaSani Community. (Events, cultural activities and many other)



From organic to biodynamic and synergic agriculture

The productive cycle transformation process towards biodynamic is already ongoing in order to integrate coherently the various aspects of global vision.

According to the biodynamic agriculture principles the farm is a closed cycle living organism that contains sustainable production systems which respect the Earth’s ecosystem including organic farming.


Teaching Community

In line with the value of sharing, QuaSani is going to make available all the experiences gained through the years and those that will be acquired in the future. From this idea the Teaching Community is born. In order to support this objective, the following activities will be promoted:

  • Sharing and spreading the global vision which are at the basis of biodynamic agriculture, where Nutrition, Prevention and Consciousness, the synergy of the parts in the growing process and the anthroposophy are crucial
  • Propose agriculture as teaching (Teaching Farm) and therapeutic (Social Farm) activities with workshops and open events to adults and children
  • Open an Almond Academy to share the value of its principles on the internet, with books, e-books and others.



Hospitality and collaborations

A continuous exchange of experiences and collaborations are the added value of Quasani Community. The synergy between different resources and competences makes the constant individual and collective growth possible. QuaSani Community is a holistic network able to:

  • Host woofers, alone or in groups, C.S.A.s that want to take part to the development of this reality
  • Involve investors and collaborators from all the national territory offering tasting menus and presentations of our products and guided tours on the premises
  • Share the experiences gained throughout the years especially in the nutrition field on a national and international level. Show the potentialities and the extreme versatility of the almond.


Health and wellbeing

QuaSani Community, with the desire to make its contribution to the collective wellbeing, offers:

  1. Healthy Nutrition and Be in Contact with the Nature Day:
    • Almond Menu
    • Healthy cuisine workshops
    • Vegetarian and vegan lunches
    • Mandorland(Almondland)
    • Discover the National Alta Murgia Park
    • UNESCO sites visits (Matera, Castel Monte, Alberobello)
  2. Healthy Nutrition Weekend, Be in Contact with the Nature, Physical and Psychological wellbeing where it will be possible participate to holistic activities such as:
    • Therapeutic vegetable garden
    • Hippotherapy
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
  3. Cultural events: thematic conference cycles aimed at increasing individual and relational health consciousness.
  4. QuaSani a Meeting place for Knowledge: meetings during which nutrition, alternative medicine, psychology, holistic and bio natural disciplines experts will sit and discuss about the promotion and sharing of knowledge and experiences and to create new contact points.




The Village

Our goal is to make the Village of Quasano come back to life, now alive only during summer, in order to share our available resources, the products from the different synergies and a territory in touch with the nature and not far from the main urban centres with those participating.

In QuaSani you will be able to build temporary, biodegradable, cars built with materials derived from almonds such as: shells, tree branches, pruning wastes, wood, earth, hay and wooden mobile homes.

We want to arrive to auto production and allocate the excess to local markets, C.S.A.s and aim at the recovery of crops, seeds and antiques cultivar.