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Mandorella spradable chivesgr. 200 package

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Prodotto FrescoIcona-BioCertificazione ICEAVegan OKSenza Glutine Senza Lattosio Senza Soia

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It’s a vegetable spreadable cream based on 100% organic almond milk. It’s innovative and unique and it comes from a circular short supply chain. Spreadable Mandorella is smooth, excellent on croutons, on sandwiches, canapés and other appetizers.
It’s a tasty condiment for pasta, entrées, vegetable dishes and inventive sweet and savoury cheesecakes. It comes in four flavours: natural, chives, tomato, and turmeric and cabbage.


Mandolat®*77% (Water, Peeled almonds* 10%), Sunflower oil*, Lemon juice*, Extra virgin olive oil *, Almond oil* 1%, Apple cider vinegar*, Agar Agar, Rock salt.



Appetizers: sauces for croutons, sandwiches, canapés, paninos.

Entrées: seasoned and stuffed pasta.

Main courses: baked or grilled vegetables or salads.


Store in the fridge at 0/+4° C. To be consumed within 7 days from the opening of the package.


Contains almond flour and almond oil. Gluten, Soy and Lactose FREE.


ICEA organic certification (checked operator: PB3099), Vegan OK (n. 122)

Nutritional values

Energy 590kJ / 140kcal
Fats 4,5 g (saturated fatty acids 2,1 g)
Carbohydrates 20,5 g (sugar 2,1 g)
Fibres 3,2 g
Proteins 2,9 g
Salt 1,1 g

Weight 0.180 kg


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